Sep 16, 2007

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

The month of October, 2007 is hereby declared the 31 Days of Zombie Blog-a-Thon. Participants can go about this subject matter as they please. What is your favorite zombie film? Least favorite? Do you prefer the old school voodoo ghouls, or Romero's flesh-eaters? Or Fulci's? Are the sprinting zombies of late ruining the essence of the genre? Do victims of the rage virus qualify? I myself will be covering one zombie film per day for the entire month, while saving a special something for Halloween day itself. Come back in two weeks when we begin to tackle the land of the dead.


  1. Hm. And I was thinking of having a every-auter-at-this-year's-new-york-film-festival film marathon. ^-^

  2. When I'm in the city I'll definitely help you out with that. :)

  3. douglas: You can join by simply writing and publishing whatever you want on the topic, and then sending me the link during the blog-a-thon (anytime during October in this case). I'll be collecting all the links in one place. Looking forward to what you have to contribute.